Interleaving Paper

Faced with the sole supplier of special interleaving paper in danger of going into administration an international end user approached us about possible alternative supply lines. Armed with the basic specification over the range of reel widths, paper grammage and volumes required we utilized our wide database of paper producers and experience to identify a potential alternative producer.

Having approached this paper mill and established an interest in principle we dug deeper into the requirements, the technical needs of the paper in order to fulfill the requirements of the conversion process, and the specific packaging needs for the end product. The situation dictated that time was critical and working with the mill we quickly set about defining paper characteristics to meet the conversion requirements. On machine trial production followed within 4 weeks and was supplied to the customer for further testing. In total 3 test phases over a 4 month period concluded with the paper mill winning the supply contract. The end user could continue to supply his market with product utilizing the newly created packaging paper for their purposes.

The situation prescribed the need for a fast solution, we are proud to have been able to facilitate this application driven solution.