Special Surface treated Paper development

A multitude of customers asked us to source or develop a special surface treated coated paper for specific labeling applications. We initially conducted market research to understand the potential market size for the product across the EU. Armed with this background we set about finding a paper producer with the potential to produce the base paper and having established a base paper supply line approached converters about possibilities to surface treat the paper accordingly. Tests were planned at different converting facilities and our representatives worked hand in hand with these converters to develop the product. After exhaustive initial testing we established that the traditional surface treatment processes did not produce a suitable end product as the demands placed on the base paper during conversion were counterproductive.

Our technical team considered alternative treatment possibilities with the goal being to produce the end result without an extensive drying process which had caused the initial problems. Again working closely with a converter this process was adapted to fulfill these seemingly counterproductive effects. A further series of on machine tests produced the required result.

Over a 2 year period we worked closely with paper manufacturer and converter and succeeded in development of a product that met the requirements of those customers who had initially requested such a product. In doing so we generated new business for the paper producer and converter and satisfied a market need.